So how does it work?

Learning technology is easiest when you have someone experienced and knowledgeable right at your side. Prior to registration we ask you a couple questions to help determine which program is most sutiable for you. There is the group coaching program, a buddy plan program, and 1-on-1 Coaching (Lifelong Learner).

When I register for a program what exactly do I get?

With every program, you will receive personalized face-to-face service. One time registration includes all four sessions and each are 90 minutes long (which is a total of six hours of coaching)! You will get handouts that will help you continue learning at home. You will get to socialize with others, meet new people, and learn what you want to learn!

How are you different from other technology help centres?

We are different in a few ways: 

1) Our program is more personalized and connected to you as a learner. Our customization sessions and hands-on learning will allow you to get the immediate help if you have any questions.

2) Our focus is on coaching you to have the technology skills to solve problems on your own instead of having to call tech support.

3) Our pricing is very affordable compared to other technology help centres.

How do (Tech Tuesday/Thursdays) group sessions work?

Our goal is to provide you with the support and technology coaching that you need to succeed, thus for our Tuesday group sessions our ratio is approximately 1 coach to every 5 Learners. This allows for you to get the attention you need if you have questions or if you require hands-on help with your device. 

Should I bring my own device? What device do you coach with?

Yes for some programs, you do need to bring your own device. Since learning technology is building a muscle memory as well, we want you to have lots of practice outside of the sessions as well. You can have a smartphone, iPad, tablet, or laptop computer. We do have new lab we will be using, thus some programs will have access to a desktop computer. 

I’m part of a senior’s organizations, can you run a course for us?

Yes, for sure! We call these partner workshops, we simply need a minimum of 15 registrants to run one. If you would like your organization to learn more about what we do, we are happy to deliver a free, complimentary “Tech Talk” about technology trends and resources to make your life easier!

Can I have a private 1-on-1 class or a class with just my best friend and I only?

Yes, indeed! We also offer one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals (Life Long Learner Plan) or we have a 1:2 ratio program (Buddy Plan). These programs offer a smaller ratio course are private and more customized towards your learning needs.

How are your Technology Coaches trained, can I trust them?

All our technology coaches have had a criminal background check and have grown up around technology. We provide them with training time, resources and curriculum items to help keep them on track. We also believe in multi-generational collisions where we can learn from you as well.

What have some of our learners said about DigiLearn?

"I love the hands-on instruction that you get from the mini groups. I'm having fun."

- Group Coaching Learner


"I'm so happy with the sessions. I'm the head of the green committee at my church, I'm so happy to organize my files and folders. I'm learning lots! I really enjoy learning and I know how to do new things now on my computer. I'm so thankful for everything that she's taught me" 

- Lifelong Learner


"It's very informative and the instructors are pleasant. This is great!"

- Group Coaching Learner