With new electronic devices, it's easy to feel lost.


               Finding your way begins with             a free assessment.

        Call or email us so we can determine your skill level.         Sign up for one of our coaching sessions, and find out         exactly how capable with technology you really are. 


With DigiLearn, the possibilities are endless.

Whether it's experiencing a grandchild's first steps on Skype, connecting with long lost friends on Facebook, or discovering new hobbies on the web. We want you to have the know-how.


Our Programs coach adults to:

Operate email

Network on social media

Conviniently use government services

Shop and save online

Update your devices

And much more! 



Our Programs


Interested in exploring new technologies but not sure where to start?

Sign up for a free 30-minute assessment, done over the phone and scheduled at your convenience.

Your DigiLearn mentor will help you identify topics of interest and suggest programs you might choose to explore.

Have a friend or spouse who is also interested?

Do the assessment together to save time and share the experience! (NoteIt's recommended for learners to be at similar skill levels.)

Group Coaching workshops


Because we understand that you have a busy schedule.

Register now, but use your four session passes whenever is convenient for your schedule! Learner Punch Passes gives you the flexibility to learn about technology when it fits your schedule, whether that's four sessions in a row or four sessions spread out over 6 months. Let us know 2 business days in advance and drop into sessions that interest you and that work with your schedule!


All learner levels


12:30-2:00 PM

Classes in Fredericton are located at Shannex Parkland Retirement Living. 

For Couples and Friends

There's no better way than to learn with a friend! 

Keep each other accountable and also save money with the "Buddy Plan" learning package. This is a similar to the "Lifelong Learner" program, but instead is a 2:1 ratio of learners to coaches.

Note: It's recommended for learners to be at similar skill levels. Initial assessment skills and interests will be provided. 

1-on-1 individuals

As an older adult or senior, are you feeling like you're being left behind in the technology world? We'll help you get caught up and provide customized training for your needs. 

Topics of interest range from social media, email, sending photos, online shopping and everything in between. 

Our objective is to help you stay better connected with loved ones and coach you through navigating the online world. 

Contact us to learn more!

For business owners & Executives

It's tricky to keep up to date on the newest tools and platforms. Impress your colleagues and friends with new skills and knowledge. 

We'll keep everything confidential. If you would hire an Executive Coach...why not hire a Technology Coach that can help you navigate the ever-changing.