Our Mission


We empower and transform the lives of older adults through technology coaching. 


Our Founder


For as long as she can remember Sally Ng has been devoted to cultivating strong connections within her community and fostering social engagement. DigiLearn is the product of her talent for technology and her passion for helping people learn, connect and thrive. 


Sally knew her personalized coaching had the ability to help adult learners with...

  • Navigating personal devices and software. 
  • Networking on social media. 
  • Knowing the safe and smart ways to operate online. 

DIGILEARN IS not just for seniors.

In a short time, a lot has changed in marketing initiatives, digital reach, and public reception of branding. The online world is continuously changing and it can be easy to get left behind. 

Sally wants to bridge the executive gap through social media and digital strategy.

With personalized technology coaching, DigiLearn offers insight on how to fully understand social media strategy and increase personal awareness on how these strategies can be successfully leveraged for organizations. 


Our Purpose


Many members of our community suffer from isolation and depression due to a lack of social connections. This remains especially true for our aging population. Sally's ability to share her knowledge through thoughtfully designed and individualized programs can have a major impact. 

Through supportive and engaging technology coaching, adults and seniors can be empowered to bridge geographical gaps; reach out to find friends old and new, and take advantage of the healthy emotional outlets that technology offers like blogging and podcasting.

People need people. And in today's world, people need a working knowledge of technology. 

We're here to help. 




It’s sharing knowledge and delivering empowerment for people to successfully thrive and have fun in our digital world. To Sally, it was a step to focus on the core values she embraces and for the people she connects with, it has become a leap into understanding and thriving in a world never before thought possible. 


Sally Ng

Founder & CEO