Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day 2018! We love this day as we get to reflect on the incredible women who have made their own paths, paved roads, and destroyed barriers. We thought it was only fitting that for International Women’s Day, we shared some of the incredible women (who are also seniors) who have gone on to defy stereotypes and to inspire us!

Tamae Wanatabe (73), In 2012, was the oldest woman to climb Mount Everest. However, this is not the first time Wanatabe has scaled the world’s highest peak. She broke her own record, as she had climbed the mountain ten years earlier at the age of 63. Wanatabe is one of approximately 4,000 people who have ever climbed Mount Everest. Wanatabe teaches us that stereotypes are definitely not reality.


Masako Wakamiya (82) can recall the day she began work, she was using an abacus to do math. Today, she is one of the oldest iPhone app developers in the world. She has been instrumental in helping make technology accessible for older adults. Wakamiya has a “can-do” attitude and when she realized that the tech-world was paying little attention to seniors when developing technology, she decided to do something about it. Wakamiya taught herself how to code and continues to learn

how to build programs and applications. Wakamiya teaches us that technology is not just for younger generations and that anyone can learn!

Flo Meiler (83) took up track and field at the age of 60. She continues to compete in events such as pole vault and high jump. Meiler, who loves a challenge, thought that pole vaulting looked like a difficult sport - so naturally she dived in head first! Meiler set the world record for women over 75 for the pole vault. She has a number of accolades to her name; an incredible athlete and a lover of trying new things. Meiler shows us that we can turn challenges into opportunities!

We’re so thrilled to celebrate these three women and countless women everywhere across the world today and every day. Happy International Women’s Day! We cannot wait to see what incredible feats women accomplish in 2018.